Saturday, August 29, 2009

Words to Live By

Comparison destroys contentment!
- Unknown

Has this ever happened to you?

You get up in the morning, get yourself ready for the day. You look in the mirror and think - Hey! This looks okay! Then you get to your destination and look around at the other women. Suddenly after noticing a friend in her new outfit, you look down at yourself and think - What was I thinking? This doesn't look good!

Or maybe you are okay with that 6 year old sofa in your living room. It's seen better days, but it's comfortable and it still goes okay in your room. Then you go to a friend's house and they just got themselves a brand-new sectional! You go back home and look at that sofa again only this time you see a dusty old piece of junk!

Why do we do that to ourselves? That's the kind of comparing that we just don't need to do! And the sad thing is...many times those same women are probably doing some comparing of their own to our lives and feeling the same way!

Here in Blogland we do a lot of looking at each other's homes, DIY projects and crafty ideas! That kind of looking is a wonderful way to inspire us! But, that doesn't have to be comparison - maybe a little admiration, and some inspiration - that's all good!

We are all just trying to do the best with what we have and that's why I love it here! I have really enjoyed "getting to know" all of you! Thank you for your lovely comments and encouragement!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  2. very true words. We need to be glad of what we have and worry less about what others have!

    just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  3. it is natural to want what others have. remember that saying "the grass is greener on the other side" ?...well we all know that saying for a reason..its true.

    while i too enjoy all of the projects & home tours on blogland - I dont think i asipre to actually be them. & Im sure many people dont - but you bring up a good point - be inquizative, not envious

  4. What a nice post and blog! Thank you!

  5. Oh I do so agree with you. It is fun to see the creativity and inspiration that other bloggers bring to the table, but if we don't keep it all in perspective, then it is all in vain. I love to find ways to make my home more comfortable and more decorative, always keeping in mind my own budget and what I already have. Thanks for stopping by my Rooster blog. I appreciate your gracious comments. I hope you will join us for the "Cloche Party" on Sept. 11th. You can check out my sidebar for details. Hugs, Marty

  6. so true! great post..reminds you of what's important:)

  7. my husband and I just had a conversation about this last night as I was comparing and complaining about what we don't have. He just doesn't get it. I wish I didn't let it bug me, but it does!


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