Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good News & Bad News

I disappeared for a while, didn't I?
I sure have missed everyone in blogland! I got used to being here everyday and keeping up with my favorite blogs!

Well, here's the deal - I'll start with the "Bad News" - I won't be around much for a while. I just don't have the free time that I once did. I have started working full-time again!

...And that leads me to the "Good News"!

I am back at work as a Visual Decorator! I am the one and only decorator for a 17,000 square foot furniture showroom! I've been spending my day hanging art, accessorizing the different vignettes with candleholders, vases, trays, etc. I've been putting out rugs and moving furniture around! I also get to open it all and tag it when it comes in!

It's a really fun and interesting job! I did it before a couple of years ago and now I am back at it again! I get to use my degree and be creative all day!

But it really put the kabosh on my blog activities! You see I am EXHAUSTED when I get home at night! I am hoping to get used to all of this and not be totally spent at the end of the day!

I think it might be fun to blog about the things I've learned by working as a visual decorator! There are lots of "rules" that I could share as far as how we make the store look so beautiful!

Anyway...I guess my blog is on hold for now. But, I am hoping to be back soon!

'til then...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Affordable Art for the Family Room

I'm joining Transformation Thursday over at The Shabby Chic Cottage!

The first decorating blog I ever saw was The Nesting Place! I was just blown away by her style, her ideas and her philosophy! I felt like I had found a friend! My favorite idea was when she used doors on the wall as art! Brilliant!

We had lived in our house for over a year and I had yet to put anything above the sofa in the family room. I wanted something with a big impact. And I wanted to create it myself.
I knew this was the right idea for me because lo and behold - I had a set of doors just sitting out in the shed! They were left here by the previous owner! Perfect!

I used some exterior green paint I found out in the shed, too! They were in pretty good shape, just needed a good cleaning. Sorry I don't have any before photos - this was before I had ever thought about doing a blog! But, I just painted them green and then roughed them up a bit.

I found the metal art at Hobby Lobby - 50% off of course! Everything just kind of came together and worked! I can always change out what I put on and around them, but the doors are not going anywhere! It took hubby and I forever to hang them! The big obstacle was the fact that there are 2 of them and I wanted them hung tightly together! It was a chore, but we got through it!

I showed the fireplace in this room for Thrifty Monday. And some other parts of the room here.

I'm going to head on over to The Inspired Room and see what everyone is posting for her Fall Nesting 2009!

Happy Fall Ya'll!