Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Good Life


My philosophy is to never pay retail for anything - if I can help it! I get such a thrill over finding a bargain! If I can create a beautiful home by shopping wisely then I have double the satisfaction! Lately I've been spending a lot of Saturdays going to yard sales and thrift shops! This is something that I enjoy doing with my family - my mom is my favorite companion. Occasionally the menfolk join us too, but they have a much shorter attention span! Mom and I understand how to shop!

Everything in the picture above is from a thrift store, clearance price or yard sale! These items have a home in our sunroom keeping in line with my garden theme. I love the bright colors and, of course, the birds!

To me that's truly living "The Good Life" - to not be wasteful by paying too much. Shopping smart and having a blast doing it! Saving money makes me giggle!

- Pam

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  1. I love your philosophy! It's already obvious to me that we are kindred spirits. There is nothing like a great find! I just found two twins quilts, dust ruffle and sham for $20. Lightly used and perfect for our needs. Next, a metal coffee table w/ 3/4 in. thick tempered glass top. It's beautiful! $15!!!


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