Friday, July 31, 2009

Beadboard Love

Bead board! I am crazy for it! I think it goes back to my lifelong obsession with all things Nantucket-y! I love the crisp clean look of it! I have paneling painted white in my house, but it's just not the same! I am seriously obsessing on putting bead board all around my master bedroom to complete my "Seaside Retreat" theme.It would be a serious undertaking. So, for now I will just drool over photos of it! Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of Country Living and

Gotta Have It!


Love the wall decal idea! The possibilities are endless! They are so versatile and easy to use! This artist has a shop on Etsy and sells her lovely decals there. Please check out her other designs. She also offers custom designs and colors. Really nice!

If you haven't checked out, you really should take a moment and check it out. This site is a wonderful way for artsy folks (sellers) to find the buyers who are interested in their handmade and vintage items with out sorting through the whole on-line auction hassle. Everything is categorized for you and easy to search. They have home decor, jewelry, clothing - just about anything you can imagine! It is super easy to use! Just make your selection and a few clicks later you have purchased your item and it will be shipped directly to your home!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Decorating in a Casual Style

This is a great example of a room decorated with a wonderful mix of styles. Here's what I love about this room: I love the overall feeling of it. It feels like a relaxing comfortable retreat! The mixture of wicker and upholstered pieces keeps it more casual. This room has a beachy feel with the color scheme, sailboats, sea shells and beach-themed art. And the color on the side table is just enough to add a bit of whimsy! This is my kind of decorating!

Country Living

The photo above shows a mix of traditional with rustic for a perfectly casual look! I love the contrast of textures in this room - the rug, the blanket, the old wooden benches! They also balanced the strong elements by the way they placed the checkerboards and sailboat art. This room is so inviting, you just want to grab a cup of coffee and a great magazine and have a seat! I also like the element of whimsy with the large apple on the table in the corner!

Enjoy a few more examples of casual decorating with a touch of whimsy!

Southern Living

Southern Living

House Beautiful

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

THIS Humble House


For a "before" house tour of click here.

Bathroom: here and here.

Furry people that live in our house here.


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I am a wife, mom and HGTV junkie! I have a background in design and a degree from The Art Institute of Dallas. I love to decorate and I love to save money! If I can do both at the same time it makes me giggly!

I just love good design! I am interested in design in all forms! I like to think about why it works (or why it doesn’t) – from an ad in a magazine, a book cover, a logo on a sign, the layout of a restaurant, pretty much everything - and of course, anything for your home!

I decided to join Blogland myself after spending hours and hours enjoying and being inspired by all you creative, funny and talented folks out there!

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House Hunters

House Hunters on HGTV is one of my most favorite shows ever! I just can't get enough of it! I love seeing the homes in other parts of the country (and world!) - and I love just getting that peek into how other people live!
My family doesn't get it! We recently bought our current house and now that we have a home to love, they don't understand why I'm not done with looking at houses!
It is just something that I never grow tired of! There are just so many different kinds of homes out there. My favorites are the homes in New England. I love me some Cape Cod! I'll take dormer windows and built-ins any day!
And the whole basement thing is a big mystery to me! We don't do basements in our part of Texas! It just amazes me to think about how these houses come with living rooms, family rooms and all that on the top one or two floors and then...they will have a basement level the same size footprint as the house! A whole other floor with yet another family room, sometimes another kitchen, another bedroom and another bathroom! What do families do with all that space?
I am so thrilled that our house is big enough so we all have different places to "be". The kids have their bedrooms, we have ours. Someone can be in the family room, someone else in the kitchen and then the computer is in a corner of the sunroom. So we are not on top of each other all the time! That was a big deal when we were looking for a house! I wanted to be able to be in one corner of the house and NOT be able to have a conversation with someone in the other corner of the house!

Which brings me back to why I love House Hunters so much! I love seeing how other families go about choosing their homes. What do THEY think is important? Did we have the same needs and wants?
And of course...did they get a good deal on their house? Did we get a good deal on our house? It's a subject that I just never get tired of!

- Pam

The Good Life


My philosophy is to never pay retail for anything - if I can help it! I get such a thrill over finding a bargain! If I can create a beautiful home by shopping wisely then I have double the satisfaction! Lately I've been spending a lot of Saturdays going to yard sales and thrift shops! This is something that I enjoy doing with my family - my mom is my favorite companion. Occasionally the menfolk join us too, but they have a much shorter attention span! Mom and I understand how to shop!

Everything in the picture above is from a thrift store, clearance price or yard sale! These items have a home in our sunroom keeping in line with my garden theme. I love the bright colors and, of course, the birds!

To me that's truly living "The Good Life" - to not be wasteful by paying too much. Shopping smart and having a blast doing it! Saving money makes me giggle!

- Pam