Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beachy Bargains

I posted about my Master Bathroom Re-Do here. I had too many photos on that post and I didn't want to overwhelm everyone! I wanted to share my bargain accessories, too!
In the photo above:
Blue Wooden Tray - TJ Maxx ($3 or so)
Wicker Basket - Yard Sale 25 cents
Blue Fish on a stick - Hobby Lobby (Clearance 66
% off!)
Candles - Hobby Lobby (got them when candles were on sale)
Floral thingy in the background - Michael's (cheap!)

The best part about this collection is the 2 shelves that I got at a Yard sale for Six bucks for both! I priced these at Target and they would cost around $50 in a store! Woohoo!
The framed art was from Bed Bath & Beyond and I waited u
ntil it was 40% off! The 2 small canvases are Hobby Lobby - also 40% off. I grabbed some sea shells while I was there. The Star fish are from Michaels - cheap!

The aluminum LOVE sculpture is an original by the artist Robert Indiana. I bought this years ago at a store in Dallas called Millenium. It is the real deal and I love it. I would never part with it, although I have checked it out on ebay and I could get a nice chunk of change for it!


Chair and ottoman from Kirklands. I wanted this look when I first saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog! But, I couldn't afford their prices, so I was so happy when I saw it at Kirkland's! And even happier when I went to the store and saw that it had been discontinued! They were selling the last chair off the floor (the ottoman was new in the box). I even got him to lower the price because it was a floor model. I can't remember the exact price (it was last year) but both pieces together were less than $100! That's not bad!

This is just some things I have on my dresser. The basket is a bargain I picked up at Hobby Lobby whe
n they had a sale. The table runner is from a yard sale. Round wicker box is a 25cent yard sale find, as is the thing with the wooden planks in the background. The vase and the greenery is from Michaels, too (on sale of course!)

I loved these little beachy things on a stand when I first saw them at Hobby Lobby! I bought one with a coupon and then went back and got the other when they went on 66% off.

Lastly...not my most brilliant decorating move, but I got these frames for 50cents each at a yard sale. I didn't have anything to put in them, so I printed off some photos from the internet. I will change them out someday with something a little better.

That's the end of my Beachy Bargains tour!

EDITED TO ADD: I am participating in Trash to Treasure Tuesday over at Reinvented! Please go on over and check it out!


  1. Hi! I've come over from Julia's blog to check out your beachy bargains and wow! you are a champion shopper to have found that chair and ottoman!! And, btw, I think your frames and prints are pretty smart. I actually like that the frames are mismatched and until you have your own photos to put into them, the internet "steals" look great.

  2. Yep, came from H.O.H. too! But I really love your redo! I am planning a major overhaul on the whole house into a beachy cottage feel, and you have just told me some awesome places to look (I never thought of Hobby Lobby). I am so pumped, I think I'm about to go shopping! Lovely stuff.

  3. I am IN LOVE with your beachy accessories! You've given me some great ideas for my bathroom redo! Thanks for linking up to Trash to Treasure Tuesday!

  4. Wonderful beach accessories! Love your chair. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Beautiful beachy touches! Love those printed & framed pieces -- I use that trick all the time!

    Thanks for joining me!

  6. Looks great! Your blog is adorable!


  7. Just love what you did with and around those two white shelves!

  8. Hello Pam - thank you for sharing all of your fabulous beachy goodness! My fave are the shells on the stands. So sweet.


  9. Very pretty! You got some great bargains.

  10. Such cute things. The chair is to die for!!

  11. Beautiful I love this. What a lovely home and beach inspired things you have. It is very relaxing and warm looking. Great blog too!

  12. What fun and frugal finds! I love that you got these beautiful beach items at such amazing prices!

    Everything looks wonderful together.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (finally getting around to some more beach parties...) (mine was incredibly long, so I separated it into 2 beach posts :o)

  13. I also have a beachy bedroom with great finds from Marshalls and TJ Maxx...isn't it great when a room comes together? It's my favorite thing!

  14. Great bargains!!! Love the chair & ottoman.


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