Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cottage Sign Shoppe

Cottage Sign Shoppe on Etsy makes the cutest wooden signs! They have some unique designs and great prices, too. I discovered them while searching through home decor items the other day. They have over 250 different signs for sale.

I love signs with words on them! Probably too much! I have them all over my house! I think they just make a house feel like a home by injecting a little of your personality into your decor!

They've got dozens more! They also do personalized and custom designs. You can view all items in the shop here.

Thank you Mary for letting me talk about your beautiful signs!


  1. Cute....cute ....cute!
    Thanks for sharing

    Have a beautiful day

  2. Pretty pretty signs! I have a great love for them too....I also just adore your header! Love the colors and they make me long for fall ahhhhhh~ Have a great day my friend!

  3. Those are really nice! I love signs too!


  4. I am loving your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas. I am new to blogging. I can see how this could get addicting...


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