Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrifty Monday and Met Monday

One day my hubby and I happened into Furniture Row just looking around. I noticed this sweet thing in the clearance section! I got so excited! Then I noticed one of the doors was just leaning against it. I proceeded to ignore that, because it got in the way of my excitement over this bargain in front of me! They had a price tag of $89 on it! Woohoo! I really wanted it and I had no idea where I would put it. Hubby didn't think I was serious and wasn't sure it would fit in our Honda CRV...I let him talk me into leaving with out it.

But, after we got home and he left to run another errand I figured out EXACTLY where I would put it! So I called him and talked him into running up there at 10 minutes before closing! He's such a sweet guy!

Long story short - he soon found out why that door was leaning against it and not installed. It seems there was a problem with the way it was made and it is missing one row of grooves. So, the door can never be installed. I thought about it for about 10 seconds and I said - let's get it anyway!

After getting it in place and all accessorized I decided you really don't notice it. It kinda looks like it was made that way!

I even found a place to use that missing door...

I stuck it on the side table in my dining room! Maybe someday I will get over to Hobby Lobby and have them cut me some cute mats and stick some photos in the window panes! The table is also full of yard sale finds and bargain roosters! I will post more about them for the Rooster Party on August 28th over at Bella Vista.

There are plenty of thrifty treasures on the black bookcase, too...

From the top:
  • Little wire basket that I put my coasters in: $2 at antique mall
  • Candle dish under brown candle: 25 cents at yard sale
  • Green placemat and beige placemat: $1.50 at Pier One on clearance
  • Bird on a stick: $1 at yard sale
  • Cute vintage picture frame holding my precious Penny: 25 cents at yard sale
  • Cloth napkin under photo: $1.50 at Pier One on clearance

More bargains from the dining room:
  • Black metal shelf and letter "C": Hobby Lobby on 1/2 off
  • White metal basket on the wall: 25 cents at yard sale
  • Green berries: 25 cents at yard sale
  • Chicken: $1 at antique mall
  • Red vases: Hobby Lobby 66% off sale
  • Leafy little framed art: $1 at yard sale
Thanks for looking! Please check out what everyone else is showing over at Between Naps on the Porch and Southern Hospitality!


  1. Pam, your blog is so cute. Love all your graphics & header. And what a great find with the bookcase & how clever to use the door elsewhere. Thanks for joining the party.

  2. oh yes I love your blog too

    it looks great and what a great price on clearance


  3. Thanks for stopping by! I love that shelf, even w/o the door. Besides the door looks great just where it is!

  4. Oh, aren't you the clever one!! Yes, that cabinet does look like it's supposed to be just with one door; well, I'll be darned! I love the other door right where you put it! You got some great little finds there too!

  5. WOW! You are sooooo creative. I love your style! Terrific finds!

  6. My Goodness , you have such a cute blog!

    I love the idea of recycling the little door.
    It looks perfect on top of the unite!

    smart thinkin!!

  7. What a great bookcase and I would never have thought it was suppossed to have 2 doors. I love it and all the wonderful treasures you found. Your vignettes are just wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  8. The bookcase looks great and I love how you repurposed the other door! Very clever! Love that wall pocket.

    Thanks for sharing your fab makeover and wonderful finds!


  9. That sounds like something my husband would do (and has), and something I would ask (and have)!! :) Great use for the door too!

  10. You got some great things at great prices. Did the store let you have it for less, because of the problem.

  11. How clever of you! I love your use of the door. All of you thrifty treasures look fabulous too :).

  12. What a great find! I love it! And the door looks great where you put it.

  13. Wonderful job , Pam ! I love that little bookcase !

  14. What a great bookcase! I love your blog, it's adorable, I'm going to have to scroll back thru your posts *smiles*

  15. Hi Pam
    I love the look of your blog and especially your banner. Did you do it all yourself?
    You sure got a lot of thrifty treasures!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  16. Very nice finds. Fun that you can even find a place for the extra window!

  17. Hey Everyone! Thanks for all the great comments! I really appreciate the compliments on my blog design! I found a great new designer - Lucky Girl Blog Design ~ I put her button on my site! She has a very quick turnaround right now, too! Her name is Tonya. She was great to work with, she really listened to what I wanted and kept working at it until we got it just right!

  18. It looks great. Veryyyy Cuh-UTE!!!
    Come for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  19. The open shelves actually look totally natural. It's really not the end of the world.


  20. You found some lovely things! Really charming! Linda

  21. My rescue's name is Lucky! Great job on the design.
    Love your "door" solution. Everything looks fab!
    Happy MM
    Love Claudie

  22. What a great way to utilize the book shelf and "good for nothing" door!! Cute!

  23. I love what you did with the door. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

    Thanks for entering the giveaway hosted by ThriftyDecorChick. The SheetBoutique will be sponsoring another giveaway in September.


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